Swift Ecotherm Heater Comparison

On a recent installation of the Swift Ecotherm into a Jayco Caravan, coupled with the Suburban water heater, I tested and timed the operation of the Ecotherm heater. On a typical cold Autumn morning in the Yarra Valley I found that once the water heater had reached it's maximum temperature and the Ecotherm was turned on, that the gas burner would turn on after 20 minutes of the Ecotherm operation, and would take 10 minutes to bring the water back up to the maximum temperature.

The typical maximum temperature of the water in a Suburban water heater is 70 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately I did not have my thermal imaging camera with me at the time of testing, but I would assume that the hot air blowing out of the Ecotherm was approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

Past testing of the heated air outlets has shown that the Truma E2400 puts out around 100 degrees Celsius and the diesel heaters put out between 100 - 130 degrees Celsius. So the Ecotherm heater is not going to heat your 'van as quickly as the typical gas or diesel heater, but it is a good option if you are on a tighter budget, or if it is not possible to fit a gas or diesel heater to your caravan.


Gas usage comparison between;
- Swift Ecotherm linked to a Suburban SW6DEA gas water heater
- Truma E2400 gas heater
- Truma VarioHeat Eco gas heater

Based on a realistic scenario of the burners operating for 30 minutes in each hour to maintain the temperature setting.

A 9kg gas bottle with 8.5kg of gas will provide the following hours of continuous operation.
- Swift Ecotherm = 92 hours
- Truma E2400 = 100 hours
- Truma VarioHeat Eco = 89 hours (boost mode)


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